Who Are Our Expert Contributors?

Consumer Notice’s expert contributors are authorities in their fields who share our mission to empower consumers to lead safer and healthier lives. We vet each professional we work with to ensure they have the credentials and expertise to provide our readers with accurate and insightful content.

With formal training and education, awards, work appearing in esteemed publications, memberships in professional societies and good standing with clients and peers, our contributors are leaders in their specialties. Our experts are passionate about helping Consumer Notice educate the public about defective products, environmental dangers, data protection issues and legal rights.

Medical Experts

Our medical experts are top scientists, researchers and practicing medical providers. They’ve been published in peer-reviewed medical journals and are at the forefront of their areas of expertise. Reviewing our medical content for accuracy, writing guest articles and providing their expertise and insight makes our content more informative.

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Our team of legal contributors are award-winning legal professionals from top national firms. They provide insight on current and past litigation in areas including product liability, environmental and pharmaceutical litigation.

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Consumer Product Experts

Consumer Notice works with safety and consumer product experts who work in fields including data protection, real estate, child safety, senior safety and more. They help us create content that allows consumers to protect themselves from scams and threats from unsafe products.

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Financial Experts

Our financial experts have experience in all aspects of the field, from investments and corporate accounting to individual business planning and acquisitions. They review our content for accuracy and relevance to ensure the information we provide meets the highest standards.  

Interested in Becoming an Expert Contributor?

If you’d like to become a Consumer Notice expert contributor, please reach out to us. We welcome inquiries from professionals who share our mission to inform and educate consumers. Your expertise will help us provide information that empowers consumers to make better decisions, stay safe and live their best lives.
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Last Modified: July 9, 2024