The editorial team produces original content through online research and interviews with consumer safety and protection experts.

We provide consumers with authoritative, trustworthy information regarding product recalls, data breaches, public safety issues and government policy and legal information intended to empower consumers to take action if necessary.

Our Mission

The mission of is to raise awareness of the dangers associated with harmful products, drugs and medical devices, environmental hazards and personal injuries caused by corporate and individual negligence and to provide guidance for people seeking compensation for injuries caused by the actions of others.

Editorial Values and Integrity adheres to the highest ethical standards for content production and distribution. Reference pages, news articles, consumer guides, and featured stories are labeled according to content type and thoroughly researched and verified at each stage of the publication process.

Legal and medical experts and consumer safety professionals ensure that delivers accurate information using clear language free from ambiguity and bias.

The editorial team follows strict guidelines for written and visual content, including vetting all sources and verifying quotes and statistics, to guarantee honesty and integrity in our reporting. Additionally, we include context within the body of the page and links to other pages on or to credible external sources to allow readers to make informed decisions about their health and safety in relation to the products and services they buy.

Accuracy is committed to meeting standards of relevance and accuracy, but errors and omissions may occur. The editorial team reviews content regularly and strives to correct and update erroneous information and outdated facts and statistics.

Readers are encouraged to report errors to the editorial team. We also welcome feedback for improvement in areas of topical coverage unique to a particular segment of the consumer population. As we strive to be a comprehensive resource for U.S. consumers across all demographics, we rely on readers to hold us accountable for meeting their needs.


Writers and editors at reference credible sources in the development of our content. Government entities and nonprofit organizations are frequently cited within our pages and guides.

The source lists for reference articles, news stories, consumer guides and featured stories include direct links to the online sources. uses an adapted American Psychological Association style for convenience in retrieving source material.

Original reporting includes interviews with medical experts, legal experts, and safety advocates and professionals to ensure offers diverse viewpoints and guidance. In instances in which quotes were not obtained by, attribution to the original source will be included in the body content, and the source will be included in the source list at the bottom of the page. does not attribute information that is considered common knowledge. We do not cite telephone, email or in-person interviews in source lists.


All quotes on are attributed to the speaker or organization being quoted, using the first and last name of the individual or the full name of the organization. Our goal is to make it easy to identify the source of the quote and provide assurance that the source is qualified to speak on the topic.

Writers and editors at do not alter quotes except when necessary for clarity.

Words that have been inserted into direct quotations are contained within brackets, and deleted words are replaced with ellipses.


Headlines and metadata — a description or summary of the information on a webpage — on reflect each page’s purpose and content. The date of the most recent update is indicated at the bottom of each page.

All partnerships, sponsorships and affiliations with other entities shall be disclosed. Although is sponsored by our legal partners, the editorial team maintains complete editorial control. does not receive funding from advertising, nor do we publish sponsored content or link to external websites in exchange for monetary compensation.

Questions about content should be directed to the managing editor, Emily Miller, at


The editorial team at strives to publish valuable content that aligns with the needs of our audience and our editorial standards.

The content writers conduct in-depth research to produce the highest quality, most reliable information on the internet. Content ideas are generated from current public health news, legal action and changes to public policy as it pertains to consumer safety.

Content published on is edited for organization, concision, accuracy, language conventions and overall readability. The managing editor retains the right to decide whether to publish an article based on ethical considerations, such as the suitability for the audience and the editorial team’s responsibility to our readers.

The original content on is the property of the company and protected by copyright laws. We do not publish plagiarized content and always attribute facts and quotes referenced from other sources.

If you believe that any content on infringes on your intellectual property rights, please contact

Please seek the advice of a qualified professional before making decisions about your health or finances.
Last Modified: February 8, 2023