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What Is Consumer Notice?

Consumer Notice is a trusted source of information on defective products, data breaches, environmental hazards and other threats to your health and safety.

Our team of accomplished writers works closely with medical experts, lawyers and advocates to create informational pages, guides and other resources to raise awareness about these important topics. Our rigorous research equips consumers with reliable information so they can make well-informed decisions. We also keep consumers abreast of the current status of lawsuits across the country and can connect them with attorneys.

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Consumer Notice offers more than facts and statistics. Our team is committed to keeping our readers and their families safe from harmful products and teaching them how to protect their health, their money and their privacy.
Babyproofing Essentials
Child Safety

Babyproofing Essentials

Unintentional injuries are the top cause of childhood deaths — and most of these injuries occur at home. From the bassinet to the bath, our babyproofing guide provides key information about the biggest danger zones in your home. Find out what our experts had to say about babyproofing your home and keeping your child safe.

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Train's Chemical Spill
Environmental Health

Train’s Chemical Spill

A chemical spill from a train derailment can endanger you and your loved ones as well as the environment. Some chemicals transported on trains can cause serious injuries if spilled. Their effects can linger in the soil, water and air. Learn what to do in case of an emergency from a train’s chemical spill.

Learn About a Train’s Chemical Spill