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Personal Care

Are the chemicals in your personal care products making you sick? Discover how research has linked trusted products like shampoos and baby powders to conditions ranging from allergies to cancer. Learn more about protecting yourself from injury related to these products.

Personal Care Products
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Environmental Health

Oil spills, chemical leaks and other environmental disasters can suddenly put you at risk for serious health conditions. So can long-term exposure to products you may use on the job. Raise your awareness of environmental hazards that put your health at risk.

Risks in Your Environment
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Fraud & Scams

From credit card fraud to identity theft, phone scammers and hackers can wipe out your bank account or destroy your credit. Stay up to date on the latest scams to safeguard your personal and financial information.

Protect Your Privacy

Who Are We?

Consumer Notice is a trusted source of information on defective products, financial vulnerability and environmental and public hazards that threaten your health and safety.

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    Consumer Notice Informs & Educates
    We keep you current on the latest recalls and most serious risks to consumers from dangerous and defective products.
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    Consumer Notice Advocates for You
    We shine a light on products and actions that put your health and safety at risk. And we provide a platform for people they’ve hurt.
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    Consumer Notice Gives You Resources
    We provide online resources to answer your questions about risks, injuries and steps you can take if you’ve been harmed.
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    Consumer Notice Helps You Take Action
    We help you understand your options to take action if you’ve been hurt by a dangerous or defective product or someone else’s carelessness.